The Brook Learning Trust consists of The Hayesbrook School, The High Weald Academy and The Ebbsfleet Academy. We recognise the power of education to transform lives and communities, promote social justice and champion learning for all. Our overriding ambition is to ensure outstanding achievement, raise aspirations and maximise potential. This will be achieved through:

  • Working in partnership and collaboration to drive improvement and shape the future of education
  • Improving outcomes for young people through high expectations, support and challenge
  • Driving leading edge practice to inspire creativity and innovation in learning
  • Investing in future generations to enable staff and students to flourish and achieve their potential
  • Promoting the values of PRIDE: Personal excellence, Respect and friendship, Inspiration, Determination and courage and Equity.

At the Brook Learning Trust we want to ensure a consistent approach to raising achievement in all our Academies, and this will be achieved by each Academy following, monitoring and evaluating performance against the Trust’s central strategic plan. This will support our drive to ensure outstanding achievement for all as part of the Trust’s model for improvement and as such is structured to work alongside Academy self-evaluation.

Each Academy retains its own identity and ethos, and has its own staffing body dedicated to the students of each respective Academy. Each Academy will have a local Governing Body, which continues to monitor the work and progress against its Academy Improvement Plan.

Belonging to the Brook Learning Trust brings the following benefits:

  • Access to quality leadership with a wealth of experience and National Leadership and Teaching School recognition, with direct access to the Brook Alliance
  • Senior colleagues working at a National level, shaping policy, retaining currency
  • Expertise in financial management
  • Economies of scale, including streamlined back office functions
  • Opportunity to share and learn in collaboration with other lead professionals
  • Support and opportunities for Governors to shape and influence Trust level decision making
  • Recruitment and retention of high quality staff and support for ITT
  • Implementation of strong quality assurance and accountability systems
  • Career progression opportunities, succession planning and talent development for staff at all levels
  • Challenge and support to drive improvement in each academy.