We have successfuly recruited 21 trainees for the first ever BLT SCITT cohort 2015-6 – nine secondary and 12 primary. As they embark on the first weeks of their future careers, we are already extremely impressed at the high calibre of the cohort, their enthusiasm, commitment and their potential to become inspirational and outstanding teachers.

Our new recruits all have a wealth of experience behind them; from other education roles such as Kent School Improvement Services and local nurseries, to more varied roles such as engineering, marine biology and the police.

Below, you can see the new recruits, including some interesting facts about some!


  1. Jade Latter (KS2)
  2. James Kailanathan (KS1) – Has lost 5.5 stones in the last 2 years- that’s commitment!
  3. Lizzie Kirkham (KS2)
  4. Melanie Jenkins (KS2)
  5. Ruth Brooks (KS2) – Is getting married after 18 years! Congratulations!
  6. Ford Curran (KS2)
  7. Maddie Tunnicliffe (KS2)
  8. Bradley Atkins – Left the RAF due to injury.
  9. Eleanor Parks
  10. Johanna Morrish – Loves to Sail and owns her own yacht!
  11. Hannah Birkett (KS2) – Has performed in front of the Queen!
  12. Rachel Beaney (KS2)


  1. Glen Irving (hi) – Has had a top 10 selling single!
  2. Nick Gant (En) – Is in a band
  3. Jemma Ludley (Bi)
  4. Jayant Ghosh (Ma)
  5. Naomi Baldwin (Bi)
  6. Emma Pursey (En) – Built up her own business
  7. Olivia Edwards (En) – Grandmother is a famous childrens’ author
  8. Daniel Horsfield Phy
  9. John Crosby (Ma)