This year, High Weald Academy changed the school timetable to incorporate an Enrichment Programme. September saw the first full sessions with students from all year groups taking part.

A wide range of activities are divided into three broad areas: Cultural, Practical and Sports. Each House has been allocated to one area and students will follow a rotating programme, changing at Christmas and Easter. This means that every student will have the chance to get involved with a range of activities in each block over the year.

The Enrichment Programme takes place on a Wednesday and, so far, students have enjoyed a variety of sporting activities from fitness and football to basketball and trampolining. Cultural activities have included ‘Day of the Dead’ art, jewellery making, drama and ‘local history detectives’. On the practical front, Horticulture and Farm Skills and cupcake baking have all proved to be very popular.

High Weald’s Sixth Form students are also taking part and many are leading and supporting the younger students, some of them are even setting up a debating group as part of the programme. The new Enrichment Programme has created a real buzz as students and staff get the opportunity to work on a diverse range of learning opportunities.

We are really looking forward to the Enrichment Exhibition and Showcase in December, where students will present their work at the end of term.