Between Friday 19th and Sunday 21st September, 14 students from High Weald Academy participated in their assessed Duke of Edinburgh Awards expedition in the Ashdown forest. Their teamwork was so evident that the assessor commented on how well they had worked together throughout the whole weekend.

The students will now be focusing on completing their skills, volunteering and physical sections for their Silver Award. The hope is that some of them will want to continue onto their Gold Awards. A group of 6th formers are already contemplating the Gold expedition to Finland next Easter.

“I like that I’m not with my normal set of friends. It’s good to mix with others that are like-minded.”

“I thought on Friday that I just wanted Sunday to be over with, but now I just don’t want it to end.”

High Weald Academy currently has a number of students finishing off their Bronze Awards and again it is hoped they will want to continue onto Silver. In November, there will be assemblies to recruit a new group of Bronze students.