Local poet, John Rice, attended The High Weald Academy on 6th October to run poetry workshops with groups of children in years 7, 8 and 9.

John gave an inspiring performance and led the children through a series of wonderful workshops. His poetry/storytelling workshops have been widely praised by teachers for their creative energy and unique combination of writing with action, drama and performance. John writes for, and works with children and young people across KS1, KS2 & KS3.

Here are two examples of the children’s creative writing from the day, in the form of letters from their inanimate objects:

Dear Gabriella,
I’m always here for you, when you’re too lazy to walk or don’t want to mess up your hair or makeup in the chaotic weather outside my tin body. I’m here for you when it’s hot outside and you need some cooling down, I supply for all your needs.
I cost you quite a bit of money, however, you can always count on me.
The comfy, warm seats I provide, the smooth relaxing journey, whatever you want and need.
Just unlock me and start me up more frequently.
Love you, car.
Gabriella Swart, aged 13

Dear Niall,
Me and you had a good relationship, you loved money and I loved pleasing you until today…
You left me in the cashpoint you backstabbing handsome man. I know you replaced me for another but I thought we had something special.
Your lost love
Jeremy your debit card.
Niall Martin, aged 12