Mr. Adams was a dedicated and loyal teacher at The Hayesbrook School until he was tragically taken from us in December 2015. He is survived by two sons, a wife and a devoted family. One of his son’s, Luke, is a Year 9 pupil at Hayesbrook.

Stephen joined The Hayesbrook School in June 2005, training as a Computer Science Teacher whilst also teaching some PE. He quickly grew to be a popular and reliable member of staff. He taught three different courses in computing – the traditional GCSE, Cambridge National and latterly the European Computing Driving Licence. He was adept at managing curriculum change and had perfected some excellent e-marking of students’ work.

He had a lovely, calm and methodical way of explaining computing. No flashy words, but simple visual diagrams and the ability to speak in a normal voice to a silent class. This was the level of respect he commanded.

Stephen had a particular affinity with students who needed extra encouragement and their confidence boosting. As a result, he led the ASDAN awards project from 2011, for those students for whom academic studies were a challenge. He did this with great success, helping improve the employability of our students and giving them practical skills in teamwork and reliability.

As a keen football coach, Mr. Adams taught many PE lessons and passed on his knowledge of not only fitness, but also football to all he taught. This made him an instant success at Hayesbrook.

The mark of the man was the packed turnout for his funeral at St. Stephens’s Church and the moving comments from his family.

The Hayesbrook PTA have decided to develop the Stephen Adams memorial shield, which will be awarded to the student who has made significant progress in the academic year in both attitude and the level of academic and social development during the year.

This award summarises what Mr. Adam’s stood for: grit, determination and self-improvement with a smile. He is missed by all and fondly revered at Hayesbrook.

David J A Day