Students from High Weald Academy and The Hayesbrook School have been elected for the Kent Youth County Council.

Luke Bignell, Natalie Kitchin and Freddie Todd, from the High Weald Academy join Mat Baker from The Hayesbrook School on the council, which voices the views and opinions of Kent’s young people.

Four young people are elected to represent each district in Kent with another four deputy members and 12 young people elected to community seats. Each year the new members choose three issues to campaign on which are important to young people.

The Kent Youth County Council helps young people understand the importance of engaging in the democratic process and learn how their vote can make a difference. Speaking about his new role, Mat said: “I am a very passionate person who cares about everybody’s views and I want to help those who do not have the confidence to speak.”

We wish Luke, Natalie, Freddie and Mat the best of luck in their roles.