Debbie Coslett, CEO of The Brook Learning Trust, has today called for parents and schools across Kent to look beyond league tables, following sector-wide criticism of the current ‘inaccurate’ measures.

Since the Governments decision to change how GCSEs are represented in the nationwide leagues tables so that ONLY a child’s first entry examination result would count towards their school’s overall performance result, schools across the country have suffered grossly inaccurate representations of their pupils’ true success.

Debbie Coslett, CEO of the Brook Learning Trust – a three-strong Multi-Academy Trust in Kent – has called into question the validity of the performance tables and believes that schools and pupils across the country are suffering as the government chooses not to take into account the results that matter to the future success of our children and young people.

Speaking about the current system, Debbie said: “Pupils across the country have been subjected to ad hoc, in year changes in how their success is measured and the most recent changes to league tables all but ignore their final and best GCSE result.

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The table below outlines the actual exam results received by our students in their 2014 GCSEs.