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About Us

Brook Learning Trust is a non-profit-making multi-academy trust with charitable status operating in the South East of England. Our group of academies is governed through a single set of members and trustees accountable to the Regional Schools Commissioner for the outcomes in our academies.

Brook Learning Trust's academies maintain a strong focus on teaching and learning as well as unwavering high standards and expectations. Children in our academies make strong progress, learning and growing with us. Brook Learning Trust, working with our academies, brings energy, passion and expertise to the education of our children.

The purpose of Brook Learning Trust is:

  • To challenge and defy the barriers that constrain the educational progress of our children, setting high aims for academy aspiration and providing the framework within which to achieve academy goals
  • To secure collective responsibility for all our children’s achievements, demanding that challenge and change are embraced and lead to school improvement.  We invest in all our staff, we are proud of our profession, we grow our own talent, we attract, retain and empower great people
  • To have a principled and measured approach to collaboration and growth that is rooted in the greater good for the young people we serve.  Membership of our network provides the security and confidence that liberates opportunity and innovation
  • To provide a network of high quality service, support and opportunity for each individual academy, responding to the unique profile and community of each one, and recognising that each has an important role to play in the growth and success of the Trust.

Our work is underpinned by this set of core values:

Integrity and respect - Moral strength, probity, regard for others and strong and enduring relationships underpin our work

Courage and optimism - We lead with a sense of possibility; to expand educational opportunity in ways that are life-changing for our children and to innovate in ways that are right for our organisation

Excellence and accountability - Unwavering in our bold aspiration, high expectation and quality of service; we learn and improve.