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  • New Voices 3

    Published 14/10/19

    New Voices 3 - A conference for the as yet unheard from in education.

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  • Are You Really Concentrating?

    Published 20/09/19

    This year all three of our academies are launching a new approach to assessment and reporting. One element of this change is in the language we will be using to describe the level of engagement a student demonstrates in their lessons.

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  • Educating the Educators

    Published 09/09/19

    Educating the educators is a responsibility and a commitment we do not take lightly.

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  • Edurio Staff Wellbeing Survey

    Published 02/09/19

    In the October of 2018 The Hayesbrook School and The High Weald Academy embarked on a collaboration with Edurio and The Institute of Education to participate in some ground-breaking research into staff well-being and working conditions.

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  • Ethical Leadership

    Published 29/01/19

    Leaders from both The High Weald Academy and The Hayesbrook School attended a presentation by Carolyn Roberts, Chair of ASCL's Ethical Leadership Commission, hosted by Altius Teaching last night. This enjoyable and thought provoking event motivated leaders to ensure that these key principles are at the heart of our academies in all we do and say. 'Living the values to help young people do the same'. 

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  • The High Weald Academy new building takes shape

    Published 24/01/19

    As the weather gets colder it’s a good job our new building is starting to get walls and window frames! Great progress made each day. Thanks to Bowmer + Kirkland for carrying on whatever the weather!

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  • Launch of BLT's Curriculum Statement

    Published 11/01/19

    On Monday 7th January staff from across The Hayesbrook School and The High Weald Academy came together to spend the day engaged in a curriculum review and planning project.

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  • Daisy Christodoulou visits BLT

    Published 23/11/18

    We were delighted to welcome Daisy Christodoulou, Director of Education for No More Marking.

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  • High Weald's new build is underway!

    Published 19/11/18

    It is fantastic to see the progress being made with the new building for The High Weald Academy.

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  • Summer reading list

    Published 24/07/18

    Please find below Brook Learning Trust's summer reads, suggested by teachers and leaders from across our schools.

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  • Kent Literacy Award winner!

    Published 29/06/18

    The Hayesbrook School's Whole School Reading Scheme wins Kent Literacy Award

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  • High Weald's new build is brought to life

    Published 22/06/18

    Bowmer and Kirkland share their walk-through video with The High Weald Academy community as the countdown to work starting begins.

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