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The High Weald Academy's Ski Trip to Foppolo, Italy

High Weald Academy students enjoyed an amazing skiing experience over the Easter holidays!

The High Weald Academy teamed up with Barnwood Park Arts College from Gloucester, for a 19 hour coach ride to the Italian Ski resort, Foppolo. 

Blue skies, sunshine and plenty of snow made for a perfect first day, and as the week progressed so did the students and their skills on the mountain. They had amazing fun in their lessons, and even participated in a variety of other activities such as Pizza Night, fun and games, and of course the daily “Ski Wally” and “Ski Whizz” competitions. 

Speaking after the trip, Mrs Gabell said: “Our trip to Italy was absolutely fantastic and one to remember. The students were a joy to have on the trip and are a real credit to their families, as well as the academy.”