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Launch of BLT's Curriculum Statement

On Monday 7th January staff from across The Hayesbrook School and The High Weald Academy came together to spend the day engaged in a curriculum review and planning project.

The work carried out as part of the continuous professional development programme for staff was the culmination of over a year’s worth of research and planning which has seen members of the academies and central Trust team visiting other schools and Trusts (Inspiration Trust, The Michaela School and Didcot School for Girls to mention but a few), attending workshops and training events including Kent’s Research Ed, Ofsted seminars and Curriculum Leadership workshops and avidly reading as widely as possible on the topic of curriculum innovation.

The event began with an address by BLT’s Education Director and saw the launch of the BLT Curriculum Statement:


This statement establishes the vision for the nature of the education we afford the young people in our academies and is the catalyst for the work our curriculum leaders, teachers and support staff are engaged in. The subject teams were soon engaged in discussion and activity to begin the journey which will see this curriculum intent become a reality for our students. Feedback from the day was incredibly positive and the collaborative work started in those discussions and plans will be continued throughout the remainder of the academic year.

We were very grateful to have the support of colleagues from Kent Maths Hub and Tenax Schools Trust working alongside our maths teams to act as critical friends during this important planning stage. Members of our English departments have also benefited from the opportunity to reflect on the work being completed by colleagues at Didcot School for Girls and look forward to strengthening that partnership this term.

It was a day for hard thinking and tough talking, each journey begins with a single step but in that one day we managed to cover a significant distance and begin the work of turning intent into action.

For more details about the work we are undertaking to transform the curriculum on offer in all three of our academies please contact our Education Director, Nic Taylor, on 01580 712754 or email her here.