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Edurio Staff Wellbeing Survey

In the October of 2018 The Hayesbrook School and The High Weald Academy embarked on a collaboration with Edurio and The Institute of Education to participate in some ground-breaking research into staff well-being and working conditions.

This piece of work involved surveying members of staff working in both academies to contribute to a wider understanding of the issues facing people working in the education sector, and specifically within multi-academy trusts today.

The survey tackled some well publicised issues facing the sector today like work life balance, the impact of policy on workload, support for personal development as well as asking more generally about how the academy might improve communication with colleagues. The survey was entirely voluntary and anonymous and BLT response rates to the survey were very good.

By participating in the survey BLT were able to not only better understand and respond to the needs and concerns of our own staff but also benchmark the data provided against the national picture. In September 2019, in recognition of the work undertaken in our academies to work collaboratively with colleagues Edurio presented BLT with a plaque highlighting that BLT staff rate the openness of their schools’ leadership teams as higher than the Edurio national average, based on information from over 10,000 respondents in 322 schools.

Being in possession of this data means we are better able to plan for the needs of our staff and we have already seen changes made in response to areas highlighted by the report. For example this year we will be trialling a new approach to continuous professional growth and securing our commitment to being a coaching organisation.

This recognition demonstrates how effectively leaders within our academies live our values and ensure that staff are consulted with before making changes which impact on their own work. Working in a BLT academy means being part of something bigger than just one department or even one school and this plaque is just one example of how we utilise connections with other organisations to ensure that our schools are great places to learn and work.