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New Voices 3

New Voices 3 - A conference for the as yet unheard from in education.

Over the weekend BLT Education Director, Nic Taylor, attended the @NewVoices3 conference to hear from a range of speakers who were sharing their research and ideas for the first time. The organisers of the event aim to showcase the work of practitioners who have never before spoken at a conference event. The conference took place at The Centre for Literacy in Primary Education, an inspiring location in which to learn from others and well worth a visit in its own right.

In total there were 30 presentations to choose from each with a unique insight into an aspect of teaching, leadership or pupil support.

Of the sessions Nic Taylor attended there were some real standout moments which are shared here:

@jampotlid78 James McKenna led a session on Pupil Premium and the real take aways from this were the reminder to look for and challenge unconscious bias in our approach to PP as well as the highly analytical approach James’ schools take to evaluating their strategic planning for disadvantaged students.

@I_get_it_now_ed Sajid Mohammed gave an insightful and passionate talk on the power of pre-teaching when supporting a student through their GCSE English. This approach to developing a student’s confidence and understanding achieved impressive outcomes and greatly enhanced the power of tier three interventions. By being proactive and not starting with a deficit model, the pre-teaching approach aligns well with the BLT curriculum vision and will be one to explore further.

@str8talkenglish Katherine Allvey delivered an impactful and ideas rich talk on how to approach context when teaching English Literature. Katherine’s top five tips were simple, easily applied and will no doubt enhance the work of the English teams at BLT. Her examples for analysing the contextual meaning of words and the life of authors were very engaging and insightful.

Overall it was a excellent event and one that BLT will be encouraging our teachers to follow. It would be great to see some of their names on the timetable for the next event.