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China visits Ebbsfleet

Ebbsfleet were delighted to host a school immersion project with students from China.

In total, three schools from China visited Ebbsfleet, with students aged between 11 and 17 years old. A staggering number of Ebbsfleet students volunteered to be “buddied up” with our Chinese counterparts, showing the real dedication our students have to international mindedness. Confidently, our students welcomed our guests into school, to their lessons, touring our facilities, and ate with them over lunch. The visitors taught our students how to write in Chinese and discussed the differences in education, and social and cultural norms. We were delighted to see the different sets of students getting along so well, and all the teachers involved commented on what an educational and enjoyable experience it was. We now wait with bated breath to discover whether Ebbsfleet can return the journey to China to continue our dedication to a truly global and cultural education for all.